Leave the Imposter Behind for Good

Self Worth Advantage® approach - identifying and understanding yourself to reconcile with yourself—can move you from feeling like an imposter, acting like a micro-managing bully-boss, or wondering how people feel about you to trusting yourself to be and handle whatever comes your way. 

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Self Worth Advantage® Online Course for Leaders is Coming Soon

This self-paced, online course is a must for all leaders and aspiring leaders ready to leave the imposter feelings behind for good and receive Tiffany Houser's proprietary approach and coaching. Hop on the waitlist and receive a complimentary bonus from the course, today.

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Don't Feel Confident as a Leader CONSISTENTLY?

Maybe because you've been told [or believe] leaders should have all the answers, exude an executive presence, and command the room. Yet here's the truth: There isn't a leader who is 100% confident 100% of the time.

Throughout your career, you've heard phrases like "man up," "power through," or "deal with it" when facing doubts, changes, or new challenges. However, these phrases might often mean ignoring your true feelings and vision... ignoring your worth. It's time to make a profound impact on both your results and relationships by embracing your authenticity and advantage.

People Leaders Play an Important Role

What if there's a hidden value in a leader who is deeply connected to their self-worth?

We understand the intricate traps the imposter can set for leaders. Through this body of work, you'll discover how to support your leaders in recognizing and avoiding these pitfalls, enabling them to reach new heights while understanding the subconscious behaviors that set these traps.

Executive presence is a coveted trait, yet it often comes at a cost – affecting a leader's sense of security, confidence and belonging. Self Worth Advantage® for Leaders dives into the complexities of executive presence, leadership development, raises/promotions/sucession, offering insights and strategies to enhance your leaders' self-assurance, effectiveness and authenticity.

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Ready to Cause Massive Impact & Value for Yourself, Your Team, Your  Organization, and the World Around You?

There isn’t one version of executive presence, in fact there are countless. And each leader’s version is one of them. Their version is whatever - whoever - they are. We achieve an executive presence not when we chase after certain qualities yet rather form a greater understanding of our most treasured aspects of ourselves.

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