Are you a leader or founder dedicated to building and leading a great team to great results... yet there are a few lurking insecurities getting in the way?


You’ve climbed the leadership ranks rung by rung and have used each experience as an opportunity to create impact.

Yet despite having “made it” to a high level of leadership where you’ve produced great results with your team, you can’t seem to shake some nagging insecurities.

You sometimes feel like an imposter, not trusting yourself, worrying you’ll be “found out” for not really having what it takes to lead or not knowing everything. Like you’re one mistake away from the curtain revealing your hidden flaws, that have somehow remained unseen.

You also wonder if your colleagues, leaders, investors, Board, and your team truly like you and trust you, and you have a tendency to worry about how you’re viewed and perceived.

And then there’s the pressure you feel to perform and deliver, to prove that you’re worthy of your title [or the next one you want], and to go above and beyond for your company and your team.

It’s challenging not to compare yourself to other leaders…

…and wish you could be as authentic, impactful, or confident as they seem.

At the center of it all, these fears and insecurities process are on a loop in your head, and you wonder if they're actually real, or a tape recording that lives solely in your own mind.

Yet without knowing how to shift your habitual doubts and fears, the consistent confidence, trust, and contentment you crave eludes you, and it feels like these limiting thoughts and patterns will forever pop up out of nowhere to get in your way.

The truth is, you’re not the only leader or founder with who doesn't consistently trust themselves

According to research conducted by Development Dimensions International (DDI) and the Conference Board, only 30% of women and 37% of men rate themselves in the top 10% of leaders.

 At the senior level, only 49% of women and 63% of men rate themselves as highly effective leaders.

Over 40% of women in senior positions have consciously chosen NOT to ask for a pay rise or promotion that they knew they deserved, because of feeling like an imposter, according to the 2019 Imposter Syndrome Research Study. 

That’s a vast amount of leaders who aren’t consistently leading from a place of confidence, trust, and contentment.

According to research conducted by Development Dimensions International [DDI] and the Conference Board, only 30% of women and 37% of men rate themselves in the top 10% of leaders.

At the senior level, only 49% of women and 63% of men rate themselves as highly effective leaders.

Over 40% of women in senior positions have consciously chosen NOT to ask for a pay rise or promotion that they knew they deserved, because of feeling like an imposter, according to the 2019 Imposter Syndrome Research Study. 

That’s a vast amount of leaders who aren’t consistently leading from a place of confidence, trust, and contentment.


The good news is there is a solution — you absolutely can trust yourself, and trust whatever you're up to — no matter what it is.



The solution is learning how to activate and ground into your self-worth.


Self-worth is more than just confidence or high self-esteem.

It’s the knowledge, acceptance, and state of being that YOU are worthy and valuable — as a leader and as a human being. 

When you have a deep connection with your own self-worth, you’re in lock-step with the truth of who you really are — a limitless, impactful, and content person. You’re able to live and lead seamlessly with trust and authenticity, generating extraordinary results and relationships, and see change as an opportunity rather than a potential threat. 

There’s a massive advantage to self-worth in leadership. It is the fastest, most effective way to trust yourself. I know this because I too used to struggle quite often with feeling like an imposter where I didn't trust myself and felt many other insecurities that come with this. 

As an Executive Coach who has coached dozens and dozens of leaders and founders just like you through this work, I cannot wait for you to begin exploring your experience with trust, because it's unique to you - believe me, there isn't one solid route everyone travels when comes with trust... yet there is one advantage no matter which route work best for you, and that is learning how to activate and grouned into your self-worth in new moments and moments of change.

Welcome to our online, self-paced course - Self Worth Advantage® for Leaders


Self Worth Advantage®:
For Leaders


Self Worth Advantage® for Leaders is a 7-module, self-paced online course that will support you with uncovering your connection between self-worth, trust,  and effective leadership, to teach you how to strengthen your relationship with yourself, and show you how to leverage your self-worth for leadership excellence.

As part of Self Worth Advantage®, you’ll receive:

7 Learning Modules

That will teach you how to activate and leverage your self-worth in your life and leadership

10+ Exercises

To support you with receiving the most value from what you’re learning in the course and implement it into your work

Course Breakdown

Here’s what you’ll learn and explore in each module of Self Worth Advantage®

Unleashing Your Magic: Exploring the Value of Self-Worth in Leadership

We’ll kick off the course by exploring the reason self-worth is the core of business and leadership. You’ll uncover the relationship between self-worth and effective leadership as well as how it’s different from confidence, self-esteem, and empowerment. You’ll also learn five common ways that leaders compromise their self-worth, and receive a roadmap for the work we’ll do to connect with your self-worth through the course.

In this module we’ll use the following tools:

  • Inside Look at Your Own Self-Worth, an assessment to identify your current experience and what you are actually feeling and experiencing.
  • 5 Biggest Ways You Compromise Your Self-Worth Exercise, where you’ll identify the behaviors and beliefs that are affecting your self-worth the most and what situations or circumstances bring them up for you. [This may be a very surprising exercise because some of the behaviors and beliefs we think are supporting us might actually be sabotaging our success.]
  • Your Vision and Intention Exercise to identify your biggest reason[s] for taking and completing this course as well as setting your intention for what you’d like to cause and create by the end of this course.
The Self-Worth Ecosystem: Strengthening Your Relationship with Yourself

In Module Two, we’ll discuss the psychology of self-worth and the push and pull that occurs between the two versions of your belief system. You’ll learn how your emotional intelligence affects your self-worth and what either strengthens empowering beliefs or reinforces limiting beliefs. You’ll also explore how to develop your decision-making skills and make decisions based on your self-worth.

In this module we’ll use the following tools:

  • Unpack The 2 Versions of Your Belief System to gain an understanding of how you make your choices
  • Right/Wrong Exercise dives into the impact of these two polarizing words most people use daily: right and wrong, to create the space for neutral and productive conversations and collaboration.
  • Language Lab Exercise gives you an opportunity to notice your words and language and how they empower you, disempower you, and empower or disempower other people you collaborate with.
The Hidden Costs and ROI of Self-Worth

In this powerful module, we’ll explore how your self-worth is your most important asset as a leader and what the real costs are of underestimating, neglecting, and investing — your self-worth.

In this module we’ll use the following tool:

  • Self-Worth Calculator, where you’ll reflect on the price of self-worth and what it’s costing you, and how it can create an extraordinary ROI with your self-worth
The Impact of Self-Worth on Team Dynamics [Your Relationships]

In Module Four, we’ll discuss how to elevate team culture and effectiveness through self-worth. We’ll explore the power of self-worth in dealing with conflict and creating effective communication with others.

In this module we’ll use the following tool:

  • Relationship Builder with Your Team Exercise where you’ll mindfully connect with how you relate and orient yourself with each member of your team to gain insight on how your self-worth impacts your communication and leadership style. This exercise will elevate understanding, respect, inclusion, and belonging in your teams.
How Your Self-Worth Ignites Your Vision

In Module Five, we’ll discuss how to utilize your self-worth as your strategic north star. We’ll then explore how to strengthen your self-worth so that it becomes your best business asset. Finally, you’ll learn how your self-worth can be the catalyst for igniting your leadership vision.

In this module we’ll use the following tool:

  • Your Self Worth Advantage® Worksheet that supports you in identifying or revising your vision based on what you’ve discovered and created so far with your self-worth.
Self Worth Advantage® Strategies

In Module Six, we’ll develop your “playbook” — the strategies you can use to ground into your self-worth and sustain this grounding over time.

In this module we’ll use the following tools:

  • Your Self-Worth Playbook where you’ll curate the transformative work you have accomplished and create your plan to consistently implement everything you’ve learned into your leadership and life
  • Self-Worth Commitment Statement that will guide you to transforming your imposter feelings into confidence, trust, impact and whatever else you discovered in this course. Your Commitment Statement is how you can keep your word to yourself and how to hold yourself high and in integrity with your playbook, vision and intention.
Self Worth Advantage®: Appreciating Yourself & Course Recap

In our final module, you’ll discover the power of appreciating yourself. We’ll run through a summary of all we’ve covered in the course and talk about the next steps you can take to continue focusing on your Self Worth Advantage.

In this module we’ll use the following tools:

  • Inside Look at Your Own Self-Worth 2.0, an assessment where you’ll see how far you’ve come in your self-worth journey since starting the course
Self-Worth Advantage® is already PACKED with value that will support you with connecting to your self-worth, trust, and being an authentic and effective leader, yet when you enroll now you’ll also receive the following BONUS



Access to the  Self Worth Advantage® Private YouTube Channel with Tiffany Houser

You’ll be able to tune in to an exclusive YouTube Channel where Tiffany will answer questions from course participants [you included] about the course materials, and how bring it into your leadership. [All questions are anonymous unless you or another leader wants to share your name]


Need a recap ?

Here’s everything included in Self Worth Advantage®:
Leave the Imposter Feelings Behind for Good:

  • 7 learning modules
  • 10+ tools
  • Access to the Self Worth Advantage® Private YouTube Channel
  • Ready to start leading — and living — from a place of trust, clarity, authenticity, and impact?


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    Self Worth Advantage® LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE

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    Here's what our clients are saying...


    “I'd strongly recommend engaging with Tiffany. I'm thankful that she was referred to me by another colleague, who she had helped evolve along his journey as well. I appreciate her approach to our coaching relationship because it wasn't mired in the typical corporate assessment jargon and was wrought with superficial assignments. Instead, it was a thoughtfully laid out, progressive step model that allowed me to take a deeper (oftentimes uncomfortable) look at my personal roadblocks and patterns of thought, which were inhibiting my growth as a leader. I was able to understand my triggers and start reframing how I absorbed and responded to situations. 

    If you're in a similar learning space as I was and are in need of a coach who provides honest insight, blended with theory and practicality translating in a way that's easily applicable, I'd strongly recommend engaging with Tiffany and her firm. I'm with a new organization in a higher position and I'm looking forward to applying my work with her in this space as well.”

    -Torrance Smith

    HR & DEI Executive

    “Tiffany was my coach while I was undergoing a role transition in my previous company. 

    What started as career coaching, led to a significant life transition.

    Tiffany was committed to holding me accountable for my goals, while guiding me out of my own way in the process. During my 3 months working with her, she opened my eyes to aspects of myself that I hadn't been aware of previously. As a result, my personal integrity expanded, I gained a lot of clarity on my personal and professional priorities, and released self-induced pressure and stress.”

    Martha Magrina

    Founder & Collaborator @ AuthenticallYOU | Image Consultant & Coach

    Hi, I’m Tiffany Houser


    As I mentioned, I'm an Executive Coach, and I'm also a Leadership Development Facilitator, Speaker, Content Creator, and certified Transformational Leadership Coach who works with senior leaders in Fortune 500s to founders of scaling start-ups.

    Throughout my work coaching clients, I’ve been struck by the sheer number of leaders [many of whom are at the very top of their game] who struggle with feeling like an imposter and second-guess themselves during moments of new, change, high visibility, crisis, innovation, and transformation.

    Whether it’s starting in a new company, launching a new product, innovating, being promoted to a higher title, starting their own company, seeking funding, or perceiving the stakes have gotten a lot higher or more intense, so much doubt and fear creeps in where they don't trust themselves.

    Instead of focusing on the evidence all around them of their worthiness, success, talent, and capabilities, many leaders tend to focus on their insecurities. They worry that they’ll make a big mistake, not have what it takes to succeed, won’t be liked, or are easily frustrated with their team, colleagues, or their organization — fixated on only seeing the problems as a way to protect themselves from taking a look at themselves… ouch.

    Once my clients understood this and were shown how their relationship with their self-worth was impacting them, their relationships and their results, they were able to start focusing on their worth and value, seeing the massive amount of evidence that supports it which unlocks trust.

    This critical shift in focus has created many breakthroughs for my clients, which quickly turned into clarity, gratitude, agiity, and extraordinary results and relationships. They were so relieved to know they weren’t alone in their doubts because almost all of my other clients [and the sheer majority of leaders and founders all over the world] have similar feelings and experiences.

    Because they were able to identify their limiting thoughts that grew into weeds, they were able to finally transform them into beliefs that are useful, compassionate, and inspiring beliefs rather than being stuck and held back by the weeds.

    This work was transformative not only to them, but it also had a ripple effect with the people on their teams. They were able to step into their true vision for themselves and their leadership, and become an authentic and effective leader who evokes the same in those they lead.

    As a woman of color who has worked in corporate America and now an entrepreneur, I’ve been on my own deep and personal journey to understand what was getting in the way of me trusting myself, connecting with my self-worth and how to transform that; and have learned and grown a lot through the process. 

    My research and years of experience have so clearly shown the connection between a leader’s self-worth and their ability to succeed, feel empowered, feel fulfilled, and trust themselves — and my mission is to support as many leaders as possible strengthen this connection.


    Because our teams, our companies, our families, and our world will all be a better place when we are grounded in and leading from our own true worth, and inspire others to do the same.


    If you’re ready to learn how to live and lead from this trusting and worthy place, I can’t wait for you to enroll in Self Worth Advantage® for Leaders.



    I know it may seem as though the patterns, thoughts, and doubts you have will forever be stuck inside you, always ready to flare up during new or intense moments — especially in times of change or uncertainty.

    And the truth is that many of those thoughts and patterns have been around for a long time, often since childhood.

    A significant event occurred, a comment was made, or some other experience happened when you were a kid and it planted a seed in you. You thought it was just about sports, grades, being invited to parties [or not], strict parents, your appearance, your shyness, your wildness… the list goes on.

    But when that seed is left unattended to grow — consciously or unconsciously — it develops deep roots, branches, and leaves that ultimately block your view of who you really are: an authentic and powerful leader who has and continues to achieve and make an impact.

    The challenge is, you might not realize your view is obstructed because you are confident most of the time — as a leader and in other areas of your life.

    This might cause internal confusion for you, leaving you wondering why you’re wildly confident most days, yet can also be insecure and doubtful at times, too, with unhelpful messages running rampant in your head.


    I’m probably not good enough

    I can’t say ‘this’ because I might hurt people’s feelings or I might sound stupid

    I must do it all, and everything must be perfect

    Certain people don’t really like or trust me

    I’ll most likely fail and mess things up and can’t handle that kind of embarrassment

    I should play it safe and not say anything

    I know what I want and what I’m capable of it, yet I don’t believe anyone else does believe this

    They never pick/promote me because of ____

    Someone always exudes more confidence and gravitas than me

    If we/things change, I might be irrelevant


    Whether these limiting messages pop up frequently or only randomly, the roots of them are still inside you — and they’ll continue to affect you until you dig them up and replace them with something that empowers you… the advantage is replacing them with your self-worth


    The advantage of your self-worth is that it also creates the space for you to:


    Feel deep love and acceptance for all aspects of yourself - most leaders aren’t thinking this way and wonder what has them exhausted, frustrated, overwhelmed, anxious, controlling, or stressed

    Activate and amplify your growth mindset to see failure as learning experiences which supports your growth and leadership style

    Ignite your critical thinking so you can make decisions with ease, take risks, and trust yourself

    Lean into your creativity and innovate boldly

    Lead with compassion, curiosity, and empathy

    Create a team culture of inclusion, empowerment, collaboration, and respect

    Confident, effective, and authentic leaders and founders all have deep connections with their own self-worth, and it’s a connection you can create in yourself, too.

    When you activate and connect with your self-worth, you inspire others to begin doing the same.


    The good news is you don’t have to figure it out or do it alone.

    You can follow this course which includes the Self Worth Advantage® framework to understand the key role self-worth plays in great leadership, as well as guide you step-by-step to developing the hidden value of self-worth of your own.

    It’s a framework that will support you:

    Exploring your current belief systems and focusing your awareness to what causes your specific doubts and insecurities

    Identifying how to activate and stay grounded in your self-worth and value as an inspiring leader and the meaningful impact you create with your team

    Reshaping your leadership reputation and legacy to one that’s empowering, impactful, seamless, and inclusive, unlocking everyone’s potential and contribution

    I know it may seem challenging to imagine that a deeper sense of self-worth can reshape the very essence of leadership, yet it definitely does. It is the top advantage for leaders.

    When you are grounded in your worth, you are unshakable, clear, and kind. You are able to stay the course and navigate through no matter how intense the process, event, or conversation gets, which is the reason I call this work Self Worth Advantage®.

    I know this to be true because I’ve seen this transformation in myself and in hundreds of leaders I’ve coached, trained, and impacted too.

    And now, I’d love for YOU to experience the same.




    The fastest, most effective way to trust yourself is through your self-worth



    Self Worth Advantage: Leave the Imposter Behind for Good is already PACKED with value that will support you with strengthening your self-worth and being an authentic and effective leader, yet when you enroll now you’ll also receive the following BONUS…
    Access to the Self Worth Advantage Private YouTube Channel with Tiffany Houser

    You’ll be able to tune in to an exclusive YouTube Channel where Tiffany will answer questions from course participants (you included) about the journey of developing your self-worth and bringing it into your leadership. All questions are anonymous unless you or another leader wants to share your name. 

    30-Day Money-Back Guarantee*

    You can dive into the course for the first 30 days and begin developing a stronger sense of self-worth. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can request a refund within 30 days. This entire program is designed to support with applying and practicing the knowledge you’re learning by putting it into action. You will be asked to share your implementation and results in the program to qualify for a refund.

    *30-Day Money-Back Guarantee is for the Self Worth Advantage® COURSE only, not for the 2 upgrades.

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    Trusting yourself as a leader is an incredibly powerful and fulfilling experience, and it is possible for you.

    It’s not something external that you need to chase, earn, or figure out.

    It’s already inside of you and it simply gets to be unlocked so you can connect with your advantage.

    If you’re ready to strengthen your relationship with yourself and be the confident and authentic leader you already are — consistently — then Self Worth Advantage® Online Course For Leaders was created just for you.

    I cannot wait to work with you, and I cannot wait for you to experience your Self Worth Advantage®.